Driveway case study

Sometimes over the course of laying a driveway or patio, we come across the problem of laying the blocks into a manhole inset. This can be tricky at times because you must keep the bond as neat as possible so it looks as unobtrusive as possible. This picture in particular is one we laid in an old drive (where we had to smash out the old blocks in order to access the drain beneath).

As said before, this image is of our new block paving, fitted into an old manhole inset, surrounded by the client’s original block paving. It’s important to match the pattern as best as you can.

Another trick to laying block/tegula paving is having the sand as smooth as possible before you proceed. This can be accomplished with the right know-how and a steady hand.

This step is crucial, and ensures the rest of your driveway or patio will be completed with a  smooth and even surface finish! At the stage, the sand is brushed in to seal the joints and the drive is almost complete.

And if you want to show your new drive off to your friends, wait until it rains to get a photo where the drive really shines!