Garage Conversion

This job was nestled in the heart of Pontefract, and involved the demolition of an old garage, and the building of a new one. This job in particular has the dubious honour of being the last job we finished before the COVID-19 crisis made us down tools for a while in 2020!

The main offender we had to contend with on this job, apart from the looming specter of Corona in the distance, was the asbestos sheeted roof on the existing garage which we had to take down.
Removing asbestos-based corrugated sheets from an old garage roof is just as horrendous as it sounds. The team had to be fully suited up in order to protect ourselves from the harmful toxic fibers that are part of asbestos. Part of the problem with removing these sheets is, in order to best protect ourselves from the fibers, the sheets need to be removed in one piece; it’s when the sheets split and break that the most fibers are released from within.

So, the team took all precautions, and set about removing the sheets from the roof, as well as a heavy clump of ivy that had also made a home on top of the old garage. Once this ivy was taken care of, it made the removal of the asbestos sheets much more manageable. Now, with the dangerous materials removed, wrapped and taken to a disposal facility, we could then go on the knock down the rest of the structure.

With the old garage out of the way, the excavating could begin, and before long we had a trench filled with concrete ready to build on.

Once this part is over and we’re “out of the ground”, it’s plain sailing from then on. On this job in particular, the sun was shining and the weather was on our side. The rest of the build went up without a hitch and before long our client was the proud owner of a modern, brand-new garage.