Single Storey Extension

This one was built in St. John’s, Wakefield, and serves as an example of the simplicity and elegance of a good single-story extension.

The main issue we ran into with this one however, is that the adjoining property had already had a single-story extension of their own, built years prior to us starting.

This created a hurdle for us, as our own 900mm trench could not be dug at the traditional “U” shape out from the house, as this would potentially undermine the neighbour’s extension!

To remedy the situation, we instead dug two normal lengths of our footing trench, but into an “L” shape, leaving off the third connecting leg nearest the neighbouring extension; we then cut a neat pocket out onto the existing house just below damp level, into which we fed two large concrete lintels, with their ends wrapped in damp proof membrane, into the pockets. The other ends of the concrete lintels were sat on a concrete pad we’d laid at the corner.

After we were assured by the building inspector that this would be sufficient and substantial, we then used these strong concrete supports as the base of our build on that side, instead of the conventional concrete footing that made up the rest of the “L” shaped trench.

It’s part of life in the building trade to encounter speedbumps like this, and it’s our job to find solutions that are safe and efficient! The rest of the build flew up without a problem.