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Having an extension built is the best way to go if you need more space in your home. Making the dining room bigger? Or a larger kitchen space? A new living room, bedroom or all of the above? If things are getting cramped tight and the timing is right, building an extension will open the doors to all sorts of possibilities for your new-look home.

How our skilled team will carry out your home extension from start to finish

Step 1 - Free Quote & Survey

Generally speaking, our extensions are built all follow the same routine. Firstly, we liaise with the client, providing quotes and such, speaking also with Building Control and Planning if necessary.

Then the real work can begin. Our specialist groundworker will excavate the footings to the predetermined dimensions, normally to a depth of 900mm. This excavated channel is then filled with concrete to provide the essential stable footing for the build.

Once we are out of the ground, we build up in the masonry construction products of your choice. Most commonly this is a brick (outer layer) and block (inner layer) combination. If your house is built from natural walling stone blocks or other material however, it follows your extension will be too. We do our best to find the perfect match to the existing house that we can, in order to make the extension look seamless and like it has always been there. If the build is going to be two stories, a scaffolding is constructed once we reach head height on the ground floor to allow us to continue building upwards.

Once the ‘shell’ of the build is complete, the roof goes on. This can be built traditionally, or using pre-constructed roof trusses. At this stage, space(s) for velux windows are left out so they can be installed by the window fitter before the roofer comes and begins his work.

Once the roof is done, it is then a matter of resolving the plastering, window fitting, plumbing, electrics and so forth. Over the timeframe of the build, these other trades may be called in when needed, however it is mainly when the roof is on that they begin the bulk of their work. Then all that remains is to knock through from your existing house into the new extension!

All our builds come with a 10 year warranty

Types of extensions we carry out

With CG Building Services, all manner of extensions are possible. The most commonly requisitioned build are single-story extensions at the rear of the property, followed by double-story extensions at the same location. Other clients in the past have requested builds that wrap around the side and rear of the property, and that incorporate existing structures like front porches or garages.

  • Disabled access / ramp extension

  • Bungalow extensions

  • Detached house extensions

  • Garage extensions

  • Single storey extension

  • 1st floor extensions

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Extension with disabled access

Why CG Building Services

Be assured that CG Building Services will be available at all times to answer questions, any queries of the build, and will just be here to help generally.  Before long you will have a fantastic new space in your home to do whatever you like with, of your very own.

Transparent Pricing
Transparent Pricing
25 Years Experience
25 Years Experience
10 Year Warranty
10 Year Warranty

Frequently asked questions

This naturally varies depending on the scope of work. It must be assessed on a case by case basis.

Our diary tends to be full in advance when it comes to big jobs, meaning a significant wait but nothing out of the ordinary. With smaller scale jobs, they can be fit in where possible.

Normally, towards the finish line of the job is when we must go inside the property to finalise work. We are as unobtrusive as possible and keep things tidy too.

This depends entirely on the job at hand, but with a new build home there is a specific order of works. This can be found on our website above in the relevant sections.

Of course. You as the client are paying for the skip after all.

Personally, no. We do however have a team of decorators we work with a phone call away.

We do, and can put you in touch with them no problem. Same with designers, and structural engineers.

It depends on the size, scope and location of the work. We would have to discuss it together going forward.