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Other aspects of building works we carry out

Here at CG Building Services with promote a “no job too small” attitude. Sometimes, a little but important job is required- and we’d be glad to help.

Between the larger, more time extensive jobs, there are many opportunities to do smaller scale work for clients.

Maybe it’s that you need a garden wall building, or rebuilding if damaged. Maybe you’d like it to go higher, or farther?  This is a job that’s in our remit, along with many others. It’s probably better if you contact us with a specific question, but for the moment here is a brief list of other building work we do:

Types of alteration works we carry out

  • Steps - Either at the front or back of your property leading to a doorway, or in the garden as a way of changing levels. Built from whatever material is in keeping, or whichever you would like.

  • Fencing - Either altering the existing fencing, or installing brand new fence posts and panels, with a range of choices and styles

  • Re-Pointing of brickwork - CG Building Services used to specialise in the grinding out and repointing of houses, and this is one of our most commonly sought out services. We always do a safe and neat job.

  • Groundwork - High quality groundworks are essential in making sure your surfaces are built upon a solid foundation.

  • Drainage - We can dig out, remove, alter or install brand new drainage for clients, to suit any new situation that requires a change.

  • Steelwork - Often when demolishing internal walks and the like, there is a requirement to install new steel girders to retain structural integrity. Here at CG Building Services, this sort of work is no problem.

  • Lintels - Recently, we have had an upsurge of clients who require new steel lintels above their PVC Windows, as the style of the time was to build directly above the windows. This caused all the pressure of the bricks to ‘bow’ the window frame, and the bricks and mortar to crack overtime. Installation of a new lintel above the window, re-walling the bricks and re-pointing cracks in the mortar above always makes the windows look good as new.

House brickwork repairs

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Transparent Pricing
Transparent Pricing
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25 Years Experience
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10 Year Warranty

Frequently asked questions

We do not ‘design’ kitchens and bathrooms per se, but we are knowledgeable about the subject and our brains can be picked at any time. Our trusted joiners and plumbers are really the ones who fit the kitchens and bathrooms respectively.

Absolutely. We are well versed in the structural changes that most commonly need to be made in order to make a home area open plan.

All our work is guaranteed, and we are there for you if we ever need to come back.