Wrap round double story extension in selby

double story extension in selby

We are currently in the middle of building a two story house extension in Wistow, a picaresque village in North Yorkshire. Its home to a 15th century church, and was formerly the sight of a colliery that was closed in 2004.

At 32 linear metres, this extension is definitely on the larger side of what we’ve built this year. The demolition and excavation took three weeks before we even began! Our ground worker also had a large kerosene container to work around on the property. Easy does it!

After the digger driver excavates the earth for preparation for the extension, we have to dispose of the mud, clay, rubble and whatever else is in the ground; to do so, we use what’s called a grab wagon. It’s an enormous flat top wagon with a mechanical arm grabber on the back. Once he’s in position, he can remove a ton at a time until his wagon is full. It can hold around 17 tons! Much better and cost effective than putting it all into skips.

When the ground trenches were fully excavated, then came the concrete pour. We managed to send the S3 (that means wet and runny) concrete down the shute and fill the majority without using manpower and wheel barrows, except around the back where this was essential. Before long the trenches were filled to the perfect level for walling.

Once the concrete was set, we can then begin building in earnest. The process is the same as always, building corners, running in the brickwork to a line, and then chasing it up with block work on the inside. The first break in this process is when it’s time for the damp course. On this job in particular, the DPC had to be higher at the front than on the gable end, due to the lay of the land. This is to prevent any risk of damp on the extension.

Part two of this project overview coming soon!